telepro focuses on service excellence to provide value for our customers.
telepro is a developer of information technology (software), established since 1995, specializing in solutions:

  • Portafolio Management and leasing and credit portfolios, covering the credit cycle from origination to legal collection.
  • (BPM: Business Process Management) Workflow Automation.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytical Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Hosting
Permanently we design, develop, implement, maintain and innovate our products. telepro has achieved Level 5 of the CMMI-DEV & Level 4 of the CMMI-SVC; We are part of the “National Register of Science and Technology” (Registro Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología) and are certified as Microsoft Certified Partner and ISV Software Solutions Provider.
Our mission is to be the premier software solution provider to the financial industry. Our main focus is in credit, leasing, insurance, document management and other core processes. We strive to maintain delighted clients by improving their productivity and competitivity, with high quality, innovative solutions, delivered proactively and efficiently.
Be the trusted advisor on IT to financial sector corporations. We will be the industry reference in our field, obtaining exceptional results, and thus be recognized as such by our customers. Growth will be based on a team of excellence, innovating and improving our solutions.
In telepro have the following values: 1. Passion for service. 2. Effectiveness, efficiency and punctuality. 3. Untiring motivation. 4. Teamwork and commitment 5. Creativity, innovation and enthusiasm. 6. Listen and understand clearly, to act promptly and wisely. 7. Open and honest communication. 8. Focus on our customers, our staff and society. 9. Continuous value creation. 10. Respect, responsability and integrity.